Cirrent and AirTies Partner to Bring Automatic Wi-Fi Provisioning to Customers

Published by Mark Samuel October 23, 2017

We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with AirTies, a leading provider of premium in-home wireless systems. We have joined with them to integrate our ZipKey technology into AirTies products, bringing automatic Wi-Fi provisioning to their Wi-Fi extenders and set-top boxes.

Through the partnership, Cirrent will provide a Wi-Fi connection management solution to AirTies products, enabling their end customers to connect products to their home Wi-Fi network automatically and securely.

Cirrent’s platform provides AirTies and connected product companies with Wi-Fi onboarding, product lifecycle management, and tools for ongoing support. Cirrent’s solution improves the customer experience, reduce support costs and returns, and increase security.

The ZipKey-enabled set-top boxes and Wi-Fi extenders can also be commissioned by the network operators through the cloud to connect automatically to the user’s private Wi-Fi network. This automatic provisioning makes setting up a new Wi-Fi mesh network or WiFi set top box simple for consumers.

The automatic provisioning also provides flexibility for network service providers to secure the devices, move them to different Wi-Fi subnets, and remotely manage the products over Wi-Fi using the same technologies and systems they use for coax, MoCA, PLC, and Ethernet. This flexibility makes ZipKey-enabled customer premise devices an easy decision for network service providers.

Through Cirrent’s partnerships with network operators like Comcast, ZipKey products, including AirTies’ set-top boxes and Wi-Fi extenders, will connect to the cloud automatically in more than 67 million homes.

Cirrent and AirTies will be at the AirTies booth at Broadband World Forum from October 24-October 26, 2017. Make sure to stop by to see the partnership in action!

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