Announcing Cirrent Support for BLE

Published by Rob Conant March 29, 2018

Today we’re excited to announce support for Wi-Fi onboarding using BLE!  Wi-Fi onboarding with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) improves the out-of-box experience (OOBE) in areas where ZipKey hotspots are not available, and with BLE now supported in Cirrent’s platform, you can quickly add BLE support to your connected product. Existing and new Cirrent customers can take advantage of this capability in our new Cirrent agent and app SDK today.

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We at Cirrent are obsessed with making connected products work better. That has meant building a global network of ZipKey hotspots so products can connect without any user intervention, and where ZipKey hotspots aren’t available products can fall back to Wi-Fi Soft AP onboarding. Unfortunately Wi-Fi SoftAP is less than ideal.

But with the price of combo Wi-Fi+BLE chips falling, more and more companies can use BLE for Wi-Fi onboarding where ZipKey hotspots aren’t available. The BLE onboarding process is simpler and more robust than Wi-Fi SoftAP because the phone can stay connected to both the internet and the product during onboarding. By adding this to the Cirrent Agent and app SDK, developers can bring to market connected products using BLE quickly and reliably without having to build everything from scratch.  

Cirrent’s new BLE solution is compatible with Cirrent’s fault reporting, logging, performance dashboards, support tools, and other cloud components, so companies can quickly integrate BLE into product operations and ensure a great end-user experience.  You can find more details of the BLE onboarding flows on our support and documentation pages.

Do you have an opinion about BLE for Wi-Fi onboarding, or any questions?We’d love to hear from you!

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