Application Monitoring with IoT Network Intelligence

Published by Samantha Wheatley July 20, 2020

Cirrent's IoT Network Intelligence solution (INI) helps companies understand the network performance of their products in the field, and also allows for better application performance monitoring. Many IoT and smart home companies have limited visibility into the deeper network performance issues and even application issues that their customers are struggling with.

It is easy to use INI to monitor application-level data. You just need to integrate the Cirrent Agent and log in to the Cirrent Console. From there, you can add custom events and custom attributes that are specific to your products' applications. 

With these custom metrics, you're able to:

  • Monitor application code issues 
  • Monitor system resource usage
  • Measure impact of each issue
  • Use diagnostics to get system logs

Cirrent Console provides a quick and simple view to monitor device performance, understand the correlation of application level issues to network performance issues and diagnose root cause.

Let's take a look at the below screenshots from the console of a product company that builds Wi-Fi cameras and smart TVs:

We can see that on March 24, there was a huge spike in High CPU Usage metric. This spike coincided with a OTA firmware update that the company pushed to their cameras. 

The "By Attribute" view in the Cirrent Console revealed problem was limited to Smart Cameras. The Device List (not pictured) showed significant % of Smart Cameras showed High CPU Usage.

The root cause was determined to be an easily-fixable bug in the firmware. 

Prior to implementing INI, this issue would've taken days (or weeks) to identify and longer to solve. With INI, it took the company one (1) day to identify and solve the issue.


On March 24, the company found the issue in the OTA firmware. The company's engineering team was able to roll back to the previous firmware version Issue found in OTA firmware immediately and rolled out new firmware with a fix two days later.

Because the company caught the issue almost immediately and was able to roll back to an older firmware, customer impact was minimal. In fact, customers may not noticed any issues at all due to the quick catch by the team.


If you're interested in getting started with INI to monitor application and network performance of your products, let us know or get started by creating a Cirrent account


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