Back to Basics: The Value of ZipKey Enabling Your Connected Product

Published by Samantha Wheatley November 13, 2017

If you’ve been following our blog for awhile, you know the value of ZipKey and Cirrent’s Wi-Fi connection management solution- simple and secure WiFi onboarding and automatic reconnection if the device should fall offline, which improves overall customer experience, decreasing support costs and returns and improving product sales.

But isn’t it more fun to see how a ZipKey-enabled product works? Check out this quick video and feel free to share with your co-workers who haven’t been introduced to Cirrent (or maybe don’t understand it yet):

As you can see from Jill and Phil, there are a few different experiences that your customer could have with your connected product.

Jill has a quick and easy experience setting up her camera, leading her to leave a glowing review on Amazon. Whereas, Phil has a clumsy onboarding experience via SoftAP process. Although relatable for most of us who own a smart home product, it was a waste of time. The onboarding process was long, confusing and caused frustration. And no company wants their product to frustrate their customers.

Cirrent helps to solve all of these problems. Contact us if you want to chat more about how we can solve your product’s Wi-Fi setup and reconnect issues.New Call-to-action