Cirrent has Arrived!

Published by Cirrent team May 24, 2016

Today marks the official availability of Cirrent. We’re thrilled that we can now enable connected products—such as home thermostats and televisions—to connect to the Internet automatically and securely, right out of the box. Our official launch took place today at Connections in San Francisco, the premier connected home conference, where we introduced our service to connect products to a global network of Wi-Fi hotspots.

With more things on the Internet than people, it’s predicted there will be 30 billion devices online by 2020—ranging from sprinkler systems to teddy bears. In fact, approximately 88% of consumer electronic devices shipped in 2015 were Internet-enabled. However, as you know if you’ve purchased one of these connected devices lately, the setup process is typically time-consuming, involves multiple steps, and requires numerous confusing passwords. In more than 20% of cases, people fail to connect their “smart” products to the Internet at all.

But we’re changing all that by changing the way the Internet of things operates.

We’re teaming with broadband providers in the U.S. and Western Europe who have created millions of home hotspots which provide a separate, secure Wi-Fi connection that is managed independently of the subscriber’s private network. We work with companies that make Wi-Fi connected products so they can use these hotspots to connect their products automatically.

Cirrent not only makes it easier for connected product manufacturers to connect their products to the Internet, it also improves security. Many connected products have security weaknesses that leave home Wi-Fi networks vulnerable to being hacked. But with Cirrent, products connect to Wi-Fi outside of a customer’s private network, keeping personal data safe. By making connected products more secure, reliable, and easy to use, Cirrent is helping product companies have happier customers and fewer returns. Ultimately, this adds directly to their bottom line.

At Cirrent, we’re excited about connected products and all the ways they can make our lives easier. We look forward to an even better Internet of things with instant, secure connection capability.