Cirrent IoT Network Intelligence

Published by Rob Conant September 11, 2018

The music stutters, the video buffers, or the app says, “product is not connected.”  Your customer doesn't know who to turn to -- the ISP? the router manufacturer? the product company?  Then, when the call comes in, your support team is totally in the dark, your engineers and product management team developed the product long ago and they have no idea why the product isn't working. Everyone is frustrated. 

The truth is that it doesn’t matter who is to blame for causing the problem. By this point, your customer has already had a negative experience with your product, and ultimately they look to you to fix it.  And it is possible to fix it, at least in theory. The problem is that if you are like most product companies, you don't have the right data, don't have the right systems, and are pulled to focus your time and attention on new features, not connectivity. No engineering team wants to solve one-off customer network issues and most teams don't have the data to tell the difference between systemic and anecdotal problems. 

Cirrent works with hundreds of connected product companies to improve Wi-Fi onboarding with ZipKey. In our work with these product companies, one thing stood out to us: once products were out in the field, product companies often have very little insight into why a products works or doesn't. Companies try to garner some insight off of their mobile app and product, but the data is limited and doesn’t provide a lot of performance information. Most engineering teams understand that it would be valuable to really instrument their product so they could have full visibility, but they’re usually pulled onto higher-priority tasks, so this just doesn’t get done. Cirrent’s mission is helping product companies make their product easier to use, more reliable, and more secure, so we jumped on it and built a solution.  

Cirrent IoT Network Intelligence gives you detailed data and visibility into your products' network performance, and you can use that data to transform your customer experience from disastrous to extraordinary.

The Technology

Cirrent IoT Network Intelligence uses four components working together:

  • The Cirrent Agent in the product, which collects collects data around network connectivity, Wi-Fi signal strength, packet error rate, etc. 
  • The Cirrent Mobile App SDK embedded in your app, which collects some information about the user's network connection, and
  • The Cirrent Cloud, which pulls the data together and identifies outage or disruption events in the network connection, analyzes them, and feeds them into your support system, and 
  • The Cirrent Console, which provides a user interface for your support team and engineering team to analyze connectivity issues

These components working together to collect information about the environment (internet-service provider, router make, model, and firmware version, Wi-Fi network info, and regional ISP outage data) and combine it with real-time, continuous information about network performance (latency, throughput, packet error rate, etc) to identify the cause of any outage, whether it be for a second or days. For example, a TV may be having trouble connecting because it's incompatible with a 10-year-old router, or because the router is on the other side of the house and the signal strength is low, or because the ISP happens to be down right now. Cirrent IoT Network Intelligence will point you in the right direction. 

With Cirrent, you can quickly and accurately identify the network issues impacting your customers' experience of your product. No more guessing games and no more frustrated customers. With Cirrent IoT Network Intelligence, the power to help and improve customer experience is now in your hands.

See it in action

There's nothing like the real thing to see how it works.  Watch as our customer engagement director, Jason Cannava, walks through the Cirrent Console to show off some capabilities of the solution: 

Benefits of IoT Network Intelligence

For your Product Team

Product manufacturers test performance in various scenarios in the lab, but there has been no effective way to map that to large-scale, in-the-field performance. Until now. Cirrent IoT Network Intelligence allows engineering and product teams to look at data across network operators, product types, firmware versions, even different router models, and compare performance in the real world.  This can be instrumental in separating anecdotal problems from substantial problems, and gives engineering teams the gift of data to hone in on problems and fix them quickly.  You can now use large-scale analytics to make informed decisions about products.  With Cirrent’s IoT Network Intelligence, engineers can quickly isolate issues and fix them - and be the heroes you want them to be!

Learn more about Cirrent IoT Network Intelligence for Product Teams

For your Support Team

Many product companies’ support teams get a call from a customer and have to read down a list of most common questions when a customer calls in about Wi-Fi set up or connectivity issues. The support process is especially long, frustrating, and costly when it has to do with the product’s setup and connectivity -- these calls are typically 3-5 times longer than typical calls, and require higher-cost support staff (many companies immediately escalate these calls to in-house support). Cirrent IoT Network Intelligence provides your support team real, live data on that specific product to inform the support script, and enable proactive actionable recommendations for customers, leading to lower support costs, higher resolution rates, and higher customer satisfaction. 

Learn more about Cirrent IoT Network Intelligence for Support Teams

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