Cirrent joins Cypress

Published by Rob Conant December 06, 2018

I am thrilled to announce that Cirrent has been acquired by Cypress Semiconductor!

I started Cirrent in 2014 to make connected products easier to use, more secure, and more reliable, and since then I've been lucky to bring together an amazing group of people to make progress towards that goal. We've worked with some of the biggest brands in connected products and partnered with global ISPs dedicated to improving the connected home experience -- I'm very proud of what the team has been able to accomplish with more than 127 million homes covered with ZipKey hotspots, and our work with leading product companies. 

And I'm even more excited about the future. Cypress gives Cirrent a strong foundation for growth. After their purchase of the Broadcom IoT business in June of 2016, Cypress has become a key supplier for many of the most successful IoT products. And Cypress has a great culture focused on solving customers' problems -- exactly the way we think about our work at Cirrent.  

And we're doing the acquisition right:  Both Cypress and Cirrent know that for Cirrent to be successful, Cirrent needs to operate as an independent brand and to work with all Wi-Fi chips -- and that's exactly what we'll do. Cirrent will continue with the same business model, the same brand, the same focus on our customers, and the same dedication to work with all Wi-Fi chips. We will bring the same service to our customers, but reach a much broader range of customers with Cypress' global footprint. 

There has never been a better time for product companies to work with Cirrent -- we've expanded the team so we can work with more products, we've expanded our product line with IoT Network Intelligence to deliver more value to connected-product companies, and we've expanded our roadmap to increase the value more each quarter.  

I want to thank all of our customers, partners, advisors, and investors for your support though our journey so far, and we at Cirrent all look forward to continuing to work with you during this next phase of our growth!


Rob Conant, Founder, Cirrent

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