Cirrent Support Agent Tools

Published by Roshan Paiva February 13, 2018

At Cirrent we’re obsessed with making connected products easier to use and improving the overall customer experience. ZipKey goes a long way -- addressing two of the biggest drivers of negative reviews: setup and connectivity.

However, there are some times when users just run into trouble and need help. A user might have some configuration that makes things complicated, might be doing something unusual, or might just not understand the instructions. We’ve worked hard to automate as much of the process as possible for ZipKey products, but there are cases where users run into problems and need help.

And today we’re happy to share with you Cirrent’s Support Agent Tools. ZipKey now not only helps users, but helps support agents too.

The biggest challenge with support is if the product is not connected, the support agent has to depend on the user to report what’s happening and to take any actions to fix the situation. With a technical expert user this can be fine, but with a mainstream user -- the type of users that product companies ship to when they’ve hit mainstream volumes -- this can be difficult for support agents. The user may not understand that the concepts the support agent uses to describe how to diagnose and fix the problems.

That’s where ZipKey comes in. ZipKey products -- if they are within range of a ZipKey hotspot -- connect to the cloud independent of the user. The support agent can use Cirrent’s new Support Agent Tool to see:

  • Whether the product is currently connected
  • The last time the product was connected
  • What Wi-Fi networks the product can see
  • What Wi-Fi networks the user has tried to configure in the product
  • What the user has done recently in the product app

In addition, the support agent can take action on the product. The agent can provision a new Wi-Fi network in the product, change the provisioned network, or bind a product to a user.

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 11.51.01 AM.png

The brand new capabilities enabled by ZipKey can transform the way agents approach support issues:

  • The agent can accurately diagnose and fix problems with connectivity
  • The agent can use the information to see what is happening for the user to provide real contextual feedback

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 11.50.33 AM.png

Cirrent’s Support Agent Tools are built to augment product companies support platforms and processes-- the data and capabilities from Cirrent’s Support Agent Tools are available in Cirrent’s portal, and they are also exposed over APIs so they can be integrated with off-the-shelf or customized support agent consoles.  

Making connected products easy to use involves not only making the products more robust and automated, but also making problems easier to fix.  With Cirrent’s new Support Agent Tools, ZipKey now does both.

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