Cirrent’s ZipKey App Now Available in the Apple App Store

Published by Barbara Nelson November 09, 2017

Many of you have asked for a better way to show the user experience of ZipKey and better tools to test your ZipKey-enabled products. We’ve decided to roll those both into one and release a ZipKey Developer App in the Apple App store. You can find it here: 

Download the App


Showcasing the ZipKey User Experience

The first thing you can do with the app is walk through three different user experiences: the ZipKey subscriber experience (for those customers whose internet service provider is a ZipKey partner), the ZipKey coverage experience (for those customers who don’t use the ISP-provided Wi-Fi router but are in range of a ZipKey hotspot), and Soft AP (for those customers out of range of ZipKey hotspots). Users don’t have to know which they are -- it’s all managed inside the app.

With the app you can walk through each of the three different user experiences that are enabled by Cirrent’s embedded code and iOS and Android SDKs. User experience designers, product managers, and even CFOs have found this useful to understand the importance of ZipKey enabling connected products.

Testing Your Products

You can also use the app to test your products.  To do this, log in to the app with your Cirrent credentials, and you can then onboard devices that are registered in your Cirrent developer account.  You’ll be able to use Cirrent’s online tools to see exactly what’s happening during the process.

We hope you find this tool useful. If you have questions please check out our developer support page for the app here. And if you have any feedback or suggestions please send us a note to


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