U.S. Government and the IoT

Published by Cirrent team January 15, 2015

When Congress starts holding hearings on a technology, it means one of two things: it's either peaked or it's here to stay.  In this case, we'd say it's a bit of both.

It's peaked in that the IoT is absolutely a white-hot topic in the tech industry right now. It's becoming tangible enough that people are starting to see how it will help their lives and businesses in new ways that weren't imaginable 10 years ago. They're also seeing the importance of being educated about what it means today, and the implications for the long term.

The Internet of things is here to stay in that applications are happening now that will continue for decades:

  • It is already routine to have parking meters Internet-connected
  • Most cars will be Internet connected by 2020
  • Most TVs today are Internet-connected
  • Approximately 88% of consumer electronic devices shipped this year will be Internet-enabled.

The number of devices in a consumer home is forecasted to go up from about 5 today to more than 20 in 2020. The Internet of things may fade away as a trend, but will still be present in the background. The momentum is building independent of the hype, because the technology is providing real value to consumers and businesses on a daily basis.

It's not clear to yet how Congress will act in this space; by its very nature, the IoT is decentralized and fragmented across many vertical markets and applications. That said, welcome aboard, Congress!