Experience ZipKey: WiFi Connection Management Made Easy

Published by Tom Foster August 23, 2017

At Cirrent, we’re always thinking about the challenges to Wi-Fi setup and Wi-Fi connection management because we’re passionate about making products easier to use.

Every day, I speak with different product companies and each one will tell me that Wi-Fi setup and connectivity are huge challenges for their connected products. The initial setup affects the customer’s experience with the product as a whole, which in turn affects the number support calls, returns, and negative reviews for the company.  All of that affects the product’s success in the market and the company’s bottom line.

Along with most product companies out there, we at Cirrent believe that there is huge potential and power in creating great connected products. We are working to help product companies improve their product's OOBE and lifecycle with ZipKey.

We have worked hard on a solution to ensure that the setup process is super simple for ZipKey enabled products. Check out this quick video that shows the onboarding flow of a ZipKey product:

As you can see, customers can easily follow the product app; there’s no opportunity for user error. Making setup a breeze is what we’re all about at Cirrent and beyond that, we want the customer’s entire experience throughout the product's lifecycle to feel just as effortless.  With our WiFi connection management solution, if the product falls off the network for any reason, it will automatically reconnect with no user intervention.

Say goodbye to your mom calling you in the middle of an important meeting because her printer won’t work or her speaker stopped playing her audiobooks and hello to a future of simple Wi-Fi onboarding and management throughout a product’s lifecycle.

If you’re interested in improving your product, feel free to contact us to get started to learn more.

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