If This, Then What?

Published by Cirrent team August 29, 2014

IFTTT announced closing of a $30M round of funding today. What a great step for that company—congratulations!

At Cirrent, we believe that consumer connected products will interact with each other mostly in the cloud—not device-to-device in the home. Products like door locks will connect to the cloud and users will configure applications (or "recipes" in IFTTT lingo) to have that door lock interact with other devices, such as lights. Some companies are trying to put that intelligence into the devices themselves, or into hubs in the home. However, history shows that the intelligence will eventually move to the cloud. Communication will continue to get faster, more ubiquitous, and less expensive—and connected devices will be able to depend on it.

As this happens, capabilities like IFTTT will become more important and appeal to mainstream consumers.

We're excited to see what IFTTT does next!