IoT Network Intelligence for Product Launch

Published by Shantanu Bhalerao June 15, 2020

Cirrent’s IoT Network Intelligence (INI) has been used by our customers in a variety of use cases. The solution can be OTAed to products in the field or added to new products. Data from products starts to flow into the Cirrent Console immediately and allows you to see performance at a fleet level and on an individual device. 

Up until now, we’ve mainly discussed how to leverage INI for products, already in use by your customers in the field. Companies using INI are able to identify issues, understand and fix them - using the products in the field for data instead of trying to replicate problems in a lab. It improves time-to-identification and time-to-solution and decreases the amount of time engineers spend debugging a problem.

Today, I want to talk about how to leverage INI to accelerate your time-to-market and reduce risk with new products that you’re planning to launch. 

Whether it’s a new generation or a brand new product, companies go through a lengthy process of developing the product and testing it prior to launching to the public. Each phase takes months.

Once you’ve built the product, you go into Alpha and Beta test phases. The testing process is long and unpredictable - many issues could arise during testing that delay the launch. You rely on feedback from Alpha and Beta test users.

Not only is it unpredictable but it’s difficult to identify bugs during this process. And actually debugging the issues during the testing phase is a challenge in itself. In the vast majority of cases, even after vigorous testing, bugs will escape to the field post-launch and negatively affect your customers. 

This is where Cirrent’s IoT Network Intelligence solution comes in. During the product launch process, INI helps you to: 

  • Thoroughly test and gather the data to make informed decisions on changes that need to be made to the product 
  • Have the data from the devices at your fingertips, meaning less engineering hours needed to dig for data, and create or recreate issues that pop up and less reliance on feedback from human testers
  • Debug faster and more effectively throughout the new product development stage

Overall, Cirrent's solution helps you reduce risk and decrease overall development cost during the product launch phase.

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