IoT Network Intelligence: Purpose-Built for the IoT

Published by Samantha Wheatley October 08, 2019

Most of us have used analytics platforms to view and parse data- some are better than others. The better ones make it easy to view relevant data, while allowing you the flexibility to customize. When building Cirrent's INI solution, the team made sure that the solution was an awesome analytics platform. But more importantly, the team imbued INI with the connectivity expertise that we have (from eating, sleeping, breathing Wi-Fi and connected devices with our ISP and product companies partners). 

Cirrent's IoT Network Intelligence is made up of 3 main components: the Cirrent Agent, the Cirrent Cloud and the Cirrent Console. All three are purpose-built for IoT products. 

The Cirrent Agent

The Cirrent Agent captures a full suite of relevant events (Wi-Fi and connectivity problems), attributes and measurements that are most relevant to connected product network performance. 

Even with one device, this is a lot of data. With Cirrent's solution, the data is stored in proven data model for high value and high volume. The data is prepared in the device for the cloud so the cloud can do more efficient processing and analysis.

It's also possible to run diagnostics tests on the device to understand issues on a particular product.

The Cirrent Cloud 

The Cirrent Cloud takes the events, attributes and measurements from the Cirrent Agent and stores, compresses and analyzes that data. With that data, we can see trends, identify issues, detect anomalies, make recommendations to fix connectivity issues.

The Cirrent Console 

The Cirrent Console was recently revamped and comes equipped with turnkey dashboards and visualizations, built to show you the most valuable, relevant data. As experts in network connectivity, the Cirrent team paid special attention to optimizing the tools and functions of the console to allow:

  • Engineers and operations to manage devices, manage connectivity and functionality of devices and detect anomalies
  • Customer support to provide actionable, relevant recommendations to their customers who are experiencing problems with their products
  • Product managers to make better decisions about their products using custom data to track usage, performance across different product types and features and understand their customers better

All three pieces of the INI solution work together to provide you with a best-in-class tool to make your products better and improve overall customer experience. To learn more about INI and how your company can use it to improve your products (and address and hopefully avoid big product issues), reach out to us or get started by creating your own free account and trying it out. 

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