Samsung and Cirrent Partner to Improve Wi-Fi for the IoT

Published by Rob Conant May 16, 2017

We’re excited to announce Samsung and Cirrent have pre-integrated Cirrent’s technology with the Samsung ARTIK Platform to make it easy for companies to ZipKey enable their products.  

At Cirrent we’ve talked with hundreds of companies making Wi-Fi products, and Wi-FI onboarding and ongoing management is often the #1 support issue and a big barrier to mainstream adoption.  Many of these companies use the Wi-Fi Soft AP process for onboarding, which has a high failure rate, is difficult for customers, is insecure, and slows down sales and increases returns. Companies across the board from home entertainment to smart home are ZipKey enabling their products to make them easier to use and more secure.

While there is not a lot of work required to do the integration, at Cirrent we are constantly working to make it easier for product companies.  To that end, we’ve worked with Samsung to pre-integrate Cirrent’s technology into the Samsung ARTIK platform to reduce the cost of integration and speed up the time-to-market of ZipKey-enabled products.  

Using ZipKey not only makes the Wi-Fi onboarding process more secure and automatic, but ZipKey products also provide a much better out-of-box experience, eliminating the need to remember complex Wi-Fi passwords and keeping consumers online throughout the product’s lifecycle.  For the product companies, the increase in sales and the decrease in support costs and product returns make the choice to ZipKey enable their products straightforward.  Now that the Samsung ARTIK platform supports ZipKey out of the box, the return on investment for enabling ZipKey is even more compelling.

If you are with a product company using the Samsung ARTIK platform we want to hear from you!  Contact us, or learn more about Cirrent’s collaboration with Samsung’s ARTIK platform here.

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