Solve Problems with Products in the Field in Hours vs. Weeks

Published by Samantha Wheatley November 20, 2019

Companies work hard to make connected products that wow their customers. A ton of thought and effort go into creating something that looks good, works well and improves customers' lives.

Even before shipping the products to stores or making them available for purchase, the engineering team tests the products in many different environments under many different scenarios. They will do field trials with employees and friendlies in different parts of the country (or the world) to understand how the product does in real-world environments.  

Unfortunately, no matter how well you’ve tested your products, how many scenarios and environments that you have tested your products in, some will inevitably have problems once they are in your customers' homes. Firstly, it is impossible to replicate all customer environments and scenarios in the lab testing or field trial phases. And secondly, customer environments are constantly changing (other products enter or exit the home; they buy a new router; the internet service providers push firmware updates, etc.) 

Customers are going to experience issues with the product. And when they do, they either call support for help or give up on it entirely.

The support team will get an influx of calls about some issues and may alert their engineering team that there is a problem and the engineers will then try to figure out what the problem is. They will try to gather as much data as possible from customer support cases. They will try to replicate issues in the lab (there will be some guesswork involved). Eventually, after a few weeks or months, they will roll out a fix and pray that it solved the problem for most of the products.

Clearly, this is an inefficient and ineffective process. We see how frustrating it is to not have visibility into products' network performance in the field, which is why we developed IoT Network Intelligence (INI). 

With Cirrent's INI solution is giving the power of data back to the engineers. They’re able to identify, diagnose, and fix problems in hours or a couple days max on products in customers’ homes from the Cirrent Console. And can validate that the fix works by looking at the data immediately. 

There is no waiting around for customer complaints, no trying to replicate the problem in your lab -- the engineers have data at your fingertips to identify, diagnose and fix problems. The time-to-solution is greatly accelerated and products are constantly improved with less of an impact on customer experience. 

IoT Network Intelligence is available today to try for free. Go ahead and create an account and try it out on your products by going to