Some Assembly Required

Published by Rob Conant January 03, 2018

My son loves legos. The more pieces the better. His cheeks glow with 6-year-old pride when he put together a lego set labeled “Ages 8-14”.    

Most people don’t have that gene.  Most people want things to be simple. Most people want things to “just work”. I’ve heard the most dreaded words for a father at Christmas are “Some Assembly Required”.

At Cirrent we’re all builders, but we recognize that people want things to be easy. Consumers want products to be easy to use, and developers want new features to be high value and easy to implement.

We’ve worked hard in 2017 on both fronts -- for consumers and product  developers -- and today we’re excited to share news on both fronts. 


More ZipKey Products

First, for consumers, more easy-to-use products are hitting the market. Electrolux, the third largest global appliance manufacturer, is adding ZipKey capability to their connected appliances. In addition, Smanos UFO Wi-Fi camera is now using ZipKey, and AirTies has integrated Cirrent technology into their Wi-Fi extenders and set-top boxes for network operators.

"Electrolux recognizes that Cirrent's technology can make our customer experience significantly better by reducing the friction in the onboarding of our new connected products," said Andrea Corda, SVP Global Connectivity and Technology. "As Cirrent's technology solves many of the Wi-Fi connection management problems that a smart home product might face in the field, it is one of the key technologies for our products in the year ahead."

More ZipKey Access

Second, we’re also making it easier for product companies to adopt ZipKey by integrating it directly into the Wi-Fi chipsets and platforms. Cypress Semiconductor’s Wi-Fi chipsets now come with ZipKey embedded directly into the SDK, making it easy for product companies to flip the switch to ZipKey enable their products.

Cirrent announced integration into the Samsung ARTIK platform in the spring and today Ayla Networks announced that Cirrent’s ZipKey is pre-integrated into their platforms so all of Ayla’s 100+ IoT customers can now easily ZipKey enable their products. Adopting ZipKey has never been easier.

More ZipKey Networks

It has also never been as high impact.  We are also excited to announce that ZipKey hotspots now cover more than 120 million homes in the US and Europe -- coverage of more than 40% of the homes (and coverage in high income areas is even higher).  

ZipKey adoption - both from internet service providers and product companies - is rapidly accelerating.  Next Christmas, my son will still delight at the prospect of building a town or a spaceship from a bag of lego bricks, and the majority of people will be trying to avoid the complexity of “Some Assembly Required.”  Working with Electrolux, Smanos, AirTies, Cypress, Samsung, and Ayla Networks will make countless people’s lives a bit easier.


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