The ZipKey Experience

Published by Rob Conant February 15, 2017

If you’re a product manager, chances are you want your users to have the best possible experience with your products. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi connected products face a major user experience challenge right from the start. 

For many of your customers who’ve connected a new product to their home Wi-Fi network in the past year, this was their experience:

They unpack the product, excited to get started. They download an app, scroll through screen after screen of passwords and setup codes, and begin to wonder how long this is going to take. Their excitement slowly melts into frustration.

They disconnect their phone and reconnect, because for some reason they have to disconnect from their Wi-Fi network to be able to add a new product. They don’t understand it, but cross their fingers in hopes that their product will be connected when they log back on.

If they’ve missed a step, forgotten their network name or password, or mistyped a character in the series of complicated passwords and codes they’ve been asked to enter, their product doesn’t connect. They don’t have time for this, but don’t know who to call for help.

Sound familiar?

Ease of use is the #1 buying criteria for connected products, but many connected products are not easy to connect because their Wi-Fi onboarding solutions are outdated and complex. They rely on the convoluted SoftAP mode process (learn more about SoftAP).

If you work for a product company, it’s not your fault, really! Until recently, SoftAP had been the best available Wi-Fi onboarding solution. But with the introduction of ZipKey®, technology has caught up with user needs. Products can now connect securely in a way that is easy for mainstream consumers (not just the most tech-savvy among us).


It's hard to imagine a different way, so we put together this video so you can see for yourself how ZipKey makes it easy to get Wi-Fi products connected. In this video, you’ll see a wireless speaker connect to the user’s Comcast xfinity Wi-Fi network.

After downloading the app and turning on the speaker, the user simply selects “Add a Speaker” and “Connect,” and that’s it. Just like that, the speaker is connected and will stay connected, even if the user changes their home Wi-Fi network name or password.



This process is as robust as it is simple: there is very little opportunity for the user to make a mistake. It’s also embedded with ironclad security that helps keep a user’s private network and information safe.

In Cirrent’s usability testing, one customer summed up the experience perfectly, "Why isn't everything this easy?"

With ZipKey, it can be. If you make Wi-Fi connected products, you’ll save money and improve your customer's out-of-box experience by adding ZipKey to your products. Because ZipKey is compatible with all modern Wi-Fi chipsets, it’s a simple, fast, and high-impact feature that you can add to your product today.  

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