ZipKey Now Available in 67 Million Homes

Published by Rob Conant January 04, 2017

We’ve been working hard over the past two years here at Cirrent, and today we’re excited to share more about what we’ve been working on. We made three big announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas today:

  1. We unveiled ZipKey®, the consumer brand to look for on your connected products and home routers. ZipKey stands for simple setup and security for connected productsboth critical decision-making criteria for consumers buying connected products. Check out the new ZipKey website ( and stay tuned for announcements from product companies for more ZipKey-enabled products.
  2. We announced a partnership with Comcast Cable to bring ZipKey technology to Xfinity Internet subscribers. These customers can now take advantage of ZipKey-enabled products to get unique capabilities, and simplify setup and ongoing use. The addition of Comcast brings ZipKey to more than 67 million homes in the US and Western Europe.
  3. We announced that leading consumer electronics brands are supporting ZipKey. Bose demonstrated a ZipKey-enabled Soundtouch Wi-Fi speaker, and D-Link, emberlight, smanos, and LockStage announced ZipKey support.  

These announcements are a big stepour vision of making connected products easy to use is now a reality. Consumers will soon be able to experience it directly.

And, this is just the beginning.  

We have been approached by internet service providers around the world to bring ZipKey capability to their customers, and we have worked hard to make the integration process quick and painless.

We’re also working with a large variety of product companies
from small startups to global brandsto ZipKey-enable products from lightbulbs to TVs.You can expect to see the ZipKey footprint expand substantially in 2017. If you’re with an internet service provider, contact us at to learn more about the benefits of ZipKey for your customers.

We’ve simplified the process of integrating ZipKey into existing products: it requires no hardware changes, can be over-the-air upgraded to existing products in the field, and works with a wide variety of operating systems (real-time operating systems, embedded Linux, etc.).  

Product companies can sign up for a free account and get to a proof-of-concept demonstration quickly, and our engineers are ready to help. If you’re with a product company, get started for free by registering for an account and ask us for help if you have any questions.
There is a lot more to come. As we have explored the intersection of connected products and internet service providers, we’ve glimpsed what the future holds, and it is exciting!  A lot more will be announced soon!