Introducing the ZipKey Reconnect Program

Published by Rob Conant November 15, 2017

At Cirrent, we've talked with more than 300 companies that make Wi-Fi connected products, and across the board we hear that Wi-Fi is a big driver for support and returns, and companies want their customers to get the benefit of ZipKey.

But we have also heard from many of you that it's difficult: there are lots of competing priorities; reworking the onboarding process involves lots of internal constituents; and getting everything aligned around a release can be challenging. 

We've also heard that onboarding is important, but so is reconnect. 30-50% of products fall offline each year because ISPs send new routers, people move to new homes, or change their Wi-Fi network names and passwords. These reconnect issues are often confusing for customers, and in many cases are the #1 driver for negative reviews. For one TV manufacturer, more than 40% of Wi-Fi issues are related to reconnect. 

We have heard you loud and clear, so we developed a new program just to help with these issues: the ZipKey Reconnect Program. This program is targeted for both newly manufactured units and over-the-air updates to existing units in the field, and lets products in ZipKey-enabled homes reconnect automatically for consumers. When the home network password changes, Cirrent uses the network of ZipKey ISP partners to automatically update the products with the new network name and password. This eliminates the reconnect issues for customers who have ZipKey ISPs, and creates a truly delightful user experience. 

It is also easy to do. By focusing on the reconnect, product companies don't have to re-engineer the entire Wi-Fi onboarding flow, and don't need to make any changes to the smartphone app. Enabling reconnect requires little engineering resources and can be done unit by unit over the air, making the decision to get started very low risk.  

We're offering this program with straightforward pricing appropriate for even the lowest margin products. Companies with more than 50 million units in the field are already taking advantage of the ZipKey Reconnect Program, and solving real customer problems today. 

If you'd like to learn more about how to get started, contact us or schedule a meeting at CES. 

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